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Monarch Studios Going Virtual

Converting New Productions To All Virtual

Summer Rollout Will Feature Virtual Sets & Actors

Orlando, April 16, 2012. Monarch Studios has begun the major transition to digital. The conversion will cover the full range of production, from physical sets to storyboards.

Dan Cetrone, COO revealed the conversion at the quarterly press conference Monday. "The technology of graphics, 2D and 3D, is developing rapidly. The technology includes virtual sets, enabling independent filmmakers  MORE...

Monarch Studios
Funds Major Mobile Media Campaign

Orlando, February 18, 2013. MULTIPLE LAUNCH - Monarch Studios has increased the content and moved up the launch date of the multiple-pronged media project, to May 1st, 2013. The updated project now includes a new magazine format Travel/Vacation App, TND-The Travel News Digest and the Syndicated International Travel Show - a news formatted show with information ranging from Cruise Ships to the most popular Destinations worldwide.

One of the unique aspects is a focus on Destinations that are also a Great Place To Live and Work.   MORE...

Dan Cetrone COO

Dan Cetrone, COO of Monarch Studios, has identified the two major problems that need to be solved.

"Right now, Central Florida only has enough 'A' crew for two major films. And our area is severely limited in sound stages," Cetrone said.

Dan Cetrone,
COO Monarch Studios
At the Time Warner Studios


The primary goal of Monarch Studios is to offer a One-Stop-Shop for Independent FilmProduction. Related business activities range from Film Financing and Distribution, to Syndicated TV Production.

The production of media has radically changed, making it possible for Production Companies of all sizes, to produce quality projects. The need for a budget has Not Changed. Monarch Studios has now made it possible to access the technology, without the investment.

As of February 2013, Monarch Studios has increased its Digital Expansion Division, to open the Digital World to Production Companies of any size:

  • Virtual Studio packages of State-Of-The-ART equipment and software, normally inaccessible to limited production budgets;
  • Packages for Cable and Net-TV production;
  • And for the Production Companies that can afford to buy the equipment and software, Monarch has a Free service of recommending products and services that have been field tested in actual production projects along with special pricing programs.


Monarch Studios has designed a unique combination of sound stages, support services, and self-generated production not available anywhere else in the industry.

One major focus is the Independent Film market. Indies have had a dramatic growth curve that has included winning several Oscars. However, Indies still have a difficult time arranging financing and distribution. With smaller budgets, Indies need the lowest prices for sound stages, support services and low union rates.

The latest innovation has been providing access to the latest digital equipment and software, without the investment.


Monarch Studios offers a financial package that makes it easier for Indies to obtain financing and distribution. Part of the package includes Lo/No cost sound stages and support services and access to Virtual Studio equipment and software, without any investment. When this is combined with lower rates from the unions, the total package provides the lowest bottom line costs in the industry!

For more information, E-Mail: Monarch Studios

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